From now on, drivers with revoked licenses caught driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs will be held in prison for seven to 30 days, under the newly amended Law on Traffic Safety.

The Ministry of Justice and Internal Affairs submitted the amendments to the Law on Traffic Safety on December 16, 2016, repealing doubled penalties (fines and arrests) for drunk driving violations.

Prior to the adoption of the new amendments, as specified in Article 27.3 of the Law on Traffic Safety, drivers caught driving while intoxicated after having their license revoked had to pay a fine equal to two to four times the minimum monthly wage in addition to facing seven to 30 days of confinement.

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In response to complaints from the public, the ministry drafted changes to the article to ensure that offenders are imposed with a single form of punishment. The amendments were approved by Parliament last Thursday.

The period of confinement imposed for a repeat drunk driving offense committed by an unlicensed driver will be determined by the court.


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