Over 700 footballers competed in boys’ U-11 and U-13, and girls’U-11, U-13, U-15 and U-17 categories of the State Junior Futsal Championship, which concluded on January 12, after 10 days of intense competition.

Arvis FC teams won the medal tally this year.

In the boys’ U-11 category, Deren FC defeated Arvis in the gold medal match.

Tuv Province team secured the boys’ U-11 bronze medal.

Arvis FC won gold medal in the boys’ U-13 category, and was followed by DMU FC and Khovd Province.

In the girls’ U-11 category, Arvis FC seized gold medal yet again. Arkhangai Province team and Khan- Uul District won second and third places respectively.

In the girls’ U-13 category, Arvis FC were victories, with the silver medal going to Titem Khujirt FC of Uvurkhangai Province and the bronze medal to Sansar FC.

Shine Yarmag FC won its very rst gold medal in the girls’ U-15 category. The team was followed by Khan-Uul District team and Arvis FC.

Players of Shine Yarmag FC sharing their happiness with coach
Players of Shine Yarmag FC sharing their happiness with coach

The girls’ U-17 category ended with Khad FC’s victory. Arvis FC won another silver medal and the bronze medal went to Khan-Uul District team.

Ts.Purevdorj was named the best referee of the State Junior Futsal Championship 2017.

Best players in each category:

Boys’ U-11

Best goalkeeper – J.Nomun (Deren FC)

Best player – T.David (Deren FC)

Best forward – M.Bilguun (Khan-Uul District)

Boys’ U-13

Best goalkeeper – B.Bumbayar (Khovd Province)

Best player – Namnansuren (DMU FC)

Best forward – D.Shiirevjamts (Deren FC)

Girls’ U-11

Best goalkeeper – U.Bayarmaa (Arvis FC)

Best player – B.Yanjindulam (Arvis FC)

Best forward – U.Munkhchimeg (Khan-Uul District)

Girls’ U-13

Best goalkeeper – E.Nasantogtokh (Sansar FC)

Best player – O.Urangoo (Arvis FC)

Best forward – G.Sarantuya (Titem Khujirt FC)

Girls’ U-15

Best goalkeeper – B.Enkhzul (Shine Yarmag FC)

Best player – Uuriintuya (Khan-Uul District)

Best forward – Van Lora (Arvis FC)

Girls’ U-17

Best goalkeeper – M.Minjinsor (Khad FC)

Best player – U.Badamkhatan (Arvis FC)

Best forward – O.Sarantuya (Khan-Uul District)


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