The 2017 State Boxing Championship, which took place at the Central Sports Palace, concluded on Sunday, January 15.
A total of 201 boxers from 39 teams fought in nine weight categories for men and eight weight categories for women.
The tournament featured bouts with top Mongolian boxers such as Olympic bronze medalist D.Otgondalai, International Sports Master E.Tsendbaatar, G.Gandulam, Kh.Enkh-Amar, G.Gan-Erdene, and M.Nandintsetseg.
The most anticipated fight was the match between D.Otgondalai and E.Tsendbaatar in
the men’s 60 kg event. E.Tsendbaatar, last year’s champion in the men’s 56 kg category, put on weight and competed in the men’s 60 kg category this year. The fight ended with a devastating loss for D.Otgondalai.

Below are more results from the championship.

Men’s 49 kg: International Sports Master G.Gan-Erdene beat Kh.Enkhmandakh in the gold medal match 4:1. This is the sixth gold medal for G.Gan-Erdene from the State Boxing Championship. Bronze medals went to Kh.Azabayar and Ts.Jamiyanbat.

Men’s 52 kg: 2015’s national champion G.Gandulam faced one of the top boxers in this category, A.Nurlan, in the final. A.Nurlan lost to G.Gandulam 2:3. Ts.Batnasan and T.Enkhtur won bronze medals.

Men’s 56 kg: A new champion was born in this category. Young boxer B.Misheelt defeated Kh.Enkh-Amar, an experienced boxer who competed in the Rio Olympics, 5:0. This was the first state championship gold medal for B.Misheelt. Bronze medals went to B.Tumurkhuyag and B.Tuguldur.

Men’s 60 kg: International Sports Master E.Tsendbaatar defended his title in this year’s championship when he faced Olympic bronze medalist D.Otgondalai in the gold medal match and won 3:2. In the first round, they both received lacerations on their eyebrows, bleeding until the final round.

E.Tsendbaatar said, “I am very happy that I faced a legend in Mongolian boxing, D.Otgondalai. I tried to give an interesting performance in the ring. I have a very big dream and objective. It won’t be finished with just the State Boxing Championship. My ghting weight category is 56 kg, but I put on some weight before the championship. That’s why I competed in the 60 kg event. I will lose some weight and will compete in my previous weight category.”

D.Otgondalai in red


Medal winners in the men’s 60 kg (From left; D.Otgondalai, E.Tsendbaatar, O.Batkhuu, Ts.Purevsuren)

O.Batkhuu and Ts.Purevsuren received bronze medals. Three-time state champion O.Batkhuu announced his retirement during the tournament. O.Batkhuu, 34, has been boxing for 20 years. He said he hopes to work as a coach.

Men’s 64 kg: State Honored Athlete and Olympic bronze medalist U.Munkh-Erdene did not compete in this year’s State Boxing Championship and is studying in Russia. Champion of the World Army Games B.Chinzorig won his fifth gold medal after beating G.Bayarkhuu 5:0 in the final. L.Erdenebayar and M.Batbayar won bronze medals.

Men’s 69 kg: International Sports Master B.Tuvshinbat and Suld Sports Committee’s O.Batzorig fought in the gold medal match. B.Tuvshinbat won the championship for the tenth time, and bronze medals went to B.Batzorig and B.Sukhkhuyag.

Men’s 75 kg: J.Otgonjargal and B.Erkhembayar fought for gold in the final, with J.Otgonjargal emerging with a victory. L.Jolaman and M.Enkhbayar won bronze medals.

Men’s 81 kg: Aldar Sports Committee’s International Sports Master Sh.Shinebayar won this year’s championship title in this weight class. Last year, he competed in the men’s 75 kg category and claimed a gold medal, but gained weight and competed in the men’s 81 kg event in 2017. B.Sodgerel of Khukh Chono Club won silver, and bronze medals went to A.Bat-Ochir and G.Mandakhtur.

Men’s 91 kg: Four-time winner in the men’s 81 kg category S.Erdenebayar also put on weight and competed in a new category. He claimed victory by defeating B.Ganbayar. D.Otgonbayar and L.Zorigtbaatar seized bronze medals.

Men’s +91 kg: Last year’s silver medalist, International Sports Master T.Chuluuntumur, won a gold medal this year. Silver went to T.Yerbolat, and D.Iderbat and B.Agarzandan took home bronze medals.

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