The 25th anniversary of the Constitution celebrated

Speaker of Parliament M.Enkhbold honoring D.Naidan, a former legislator

A meeting was held at the State Palace on Friday for the 25th anniversary of the Constitution, which was adopted in 1992.

In making the meeting’s opening remarks, Speaker of Parliament M.Enkhbold highlighted that the Constitution represents the collective work of all Mongolians, because over 900,000 individuals and 700 organizations worked together on its drafting, and 415,000 people put forward proposals during campaigns held to listen to people’s opinions on what the document should include.

He underlined that consolidating and strengthening the independence and sovereignty of the state; upholding equality, human rights, freedom, democratic justice, human dignity, and the unity of the nation; inheriting and maintaining the nation’s traditions, costumes, history, and culture; and determining a new beginning of the political and socioeconomic states were outlined in the Constitution.

The Speaker of Parliament stated that the achievements Mongolia has made in political, social, and economic relations over the past 25 years have illustrated the benefits of the basic concepts and principles of the Constitution.

During the meeting, Speaker M.Enkhbold presented eight former legislators, including D.Naidan, B.Demberel, D.Shagdar, and P.Enkhsaikhan, with the Red Banner of Labor, a state honor that was ordered by President Ts.Elbegdorj on December 23, 2016.

On the occasion of the 25th anniversary of the Constitution’s adoption, Speaker of Parliament M.Enkhbold, Vice Speaker of Parliament Ts.Nyamdorj, Prime Minister J.Erdenebat, members of Parliament and Cabinet, former legislators and other government officials paid tribute to the statue of Chinggis Khaan and participated in a wreath laying ceremony at the statues of D.Sukhbaatar on January 13.

An exhibition commemorating the 25th anniversary of the Constitution’s adoption was held on January 13. The exhibition included photographs of the 430 legislators of the National People’s Congress and archival documents concerning the adoption of the Constitution.

Vice Speaker of Parliament Ts.Nyamdorj, former legislator J.Gombojav (who served as the Head of National People’s Congress in 1992), and other legislators and officials who contributed to the adoption of the Constitution attended the exhibition’s opening ceremony.