State Honored Athlete B.Gangaamaa conquered her seventh summit of the world, Vinson Massif (4,892 m), on December 26 and returned home on January 8.

The first Mongolian mountaineer to conquer the Seven Summits of the World, B.Gangaamaa held a press conference on January 9 at the Physical Culture and Sports Authority.

During the press conference, head of the Physical Culture and Sports Authority Ts.Sharavjamts congratulated B.Gangaamaa on becoming the 19th female mountaineer to conquer the Seven Summits of the World, and handed a silver bowl and khadag (ceremonial scarf).

Below is an interview with mountaineer B.Gangaamaa.

Congratulations on conquering the Seven Summits of the World. How did you feel when you raised the state flag on Vinson Massif?

Thank you. I am very happy that I became the first Mongolian mountaineer who climbed all seven summits. I have been dreaming of conquering the Seven Summits for many years, and I finally did it.

The last summit was Vinson Massif. Every mountain is difficult to climb. Mountaineers have to be patient and brave. It was really cold in Antarctica. I said to myself, “I conquered the Seven Summits. I did it,” when I raised the state flag on top of Mount Vinson. Mountaineers don’t have a chance to stay long on top of a mountain.

How much money did you spend to climb Vinson Massif?

We spent 48,000 USD. I want to highlight that we collected this huge amount of money through donations. Thank you all.

Mountains feed me. I dedicate my income for climbing. Some people asked: How do you live if you spend all your money for climbing? So many people keep sponsoring and helping me.

Antarctica is known to be a home for penguins. Did you take pictures with penguins?

I saw penguins and took photos of them. I thought penguins were big, but I was wrong. They were very small.

Do you feel afraid before climbing a mountain?

You can’t conquer the highest mountains of the world if you can’t face your fears. So mountaineers have to forget their fears before we leave the country. Some mountaineers die during a climb. That’s a hard and scary moment for sure. But we can’t stop climbing, because conquering mountains is our purpose. Every single mountain is a teacher for mountaineers.

In 2013, I climbed Broad Peak (8,051 m), the 12th highest mountain in the world, with 67 mountaineers. Three of them have died. At that time, I stopped climbing and tried to rescue them. Unfortunately, they were already dead when I reached them. The mountaineering sport is so harsh and cruel.

Your dream was to conquer the Seven Summits. What’s your new goal?

My dream and purpose didn’t finish with me conquering the Seven Summits. I am planning to conquer many more mountains.


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