Under the Mayor of Ulaanbaatar’s Directive on City Taxes, the collection of vehicle, emissions, and road use taxes kicked off on Monday, as announced during last Saturday’s joint statement made by the Ulaanbaatar Mayor’s Office, National Center of Auto Transportation, General Department of Taxation, Ulaanbaatar Traffic Police Department (UTPD), and Ulaanbaatar Traffic Control Center.

General Manager and Head of Ulaanbaatar Mayor’s Office T.Gantumur noted that districts will immediately start collecting vehicle taxes. “We plan to include every organization and vehicle owner who has expired registration or has been late in vehicle tax payment and registration in previous years,” T.Gantumur reported.

A joint press conference held on January 7
A joint press conference held on January 7

Vehicle tax can be paid at 18 locations; at district tax departments, State Service Centers (located at Dunjingarav, Misheel Expo and Dragon Center), and at the city’s three Vehicle Service Centers. Head of the Ulaanbaatar Taxation Department D.Munkh-Uchral encouraged everyone to pay their taxes as soon as possible at their nearest venues.

“There are over 480,000 vehicles registered in Ulaanbaatar. Around 50,000 of these vehicles are non-operational. It’s possible for tax departments and associated organizations to find drivers that haven’t paid taxes by using security and surveillance cameras. We plan to send letters notifying drivers about when taxes need to be paid and other useful information,” stated D.Odbayar, the head of Ulaanbaatar Traffic Control Center.

The UTPD is monitoring whether or not drivers have paid their taxes, UTPD spokesperson Ya.Soronzonbold reported. He noted that vehicle owners must pay taxes within a certain timeframe  depending on the last digits of their license plate, but noted that it’s possible to pay in advance.

Vehicle tax collection is scheduled as follows. The deadline for paying taxes is May 31.

  • License plates ending with 1 or 6 must pay taxes in January
  • License plates ending with 2 or 7 must pay taxes in February
  • License plates ending with 3 or 8 must pay taxes in March
  • License plates ending with 4 or 9 must pay taxes in April
  • License plates ending with 5 or 0 must pay taxes in May

According to state officials, there are a total of 863,000 vehicles in Mongolia but the owners of more than 21,400 vehicles  have never paid taxes before, and 150,000 vehicles weren’t driven last year.


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