Prime Minister meets with electric heater retailers and ger district residents

Electric heaters being presented to PM J.Erdenebat and Minister D.Oyunkhorol

The Ministry of Environment, Green Development, and Tourism and the Ulaanbaatar Mayor’s Office are jointly organizing an exhibition at the Mongolian National Chamber of Commerce and Industry on civic participation to reduce Ulaanbaatar’s air pollution.

Over 50 enterprises are participating in the exhibition to offer ger district residents electric heaters, underfloor heating facilities, and winterized ger covers.

Prime Minister J.Erdenebat visited the exhibition to listen to the opinions of the exhibition’s attendees and to oversee its operations.  He told them that the government has started taking urgent steps to address air pollution in Ulaanbaatar, such as providing ger district residents with free electricity at night.

The PM noted that the government will execute a policy that helps address rural-to-urban migration, which results in increased air pollution; to create more jobs in provinces and soums; and to promote building apartments for province  residents. He said that the government intends to ban bringing raw coal into Ulaanbaatar.

After his tour of the exhibition, the Prime Minister visited the home of Ts.Dorjkhand, a resident of the 2nd khoroo in Bayanzurkh District. Ts.Dorjkhand told the PM that he bought an Ulzii coal burning stove in 2010 through the Clean Stove Project, and his family has used the Ulzii stove for six years in a row. He said that the Ulzii stove burns less coal than a regular coal burning stove and emits less smoke. Ts.Dorjkhand thanked Prime Minister J.Erdenebat for providing free nighttime electricity to ger district residents.

Prime Minister J.Erdenebat also visited the home of Bilguun, another Bayanzurkh District resident. Since 2011, Bilguun’s family has used underfloor heating. Bilguun said that when his family used a low pressure heating system in his house, before installing an underfloor heating system, they would spend 300,000 MNT on coal per month. Using underfloor heating, they spend 60,000 MNT to 70,000 MNT per month on electricity.

The PM emphasized that everyone’s participation is of importance to fighting air pollution. He added that the government will work to increase the capacity of the electricity network and is planning to launch measures for the construction of a new power plant. He noted that the government is promoting an electric heating system, so providing ger district residents with access to loans is of importance to encouraging and motivating them to use electric heating systems.