A two-year-old female tiger named Magda walked down the streets around the National Circus on January 6.

Magda belongs to the International Circus Demidov, which started performing at the National Circus on December 24.

Animal trainer Rostislov, 26, trained Magda. Rostislov said he started training animals when he was a child. His parents are experienced animal trainers who worked in the circus sector for 30 years.

“I started training Magda when she was six months old. She is the gentlest animal in our circus. Magda has performed in Germany, Russia and Italy. Our circus has two regular and four white tigers, and two white lions. Magda weighs 130 kg. She eats six to eight kg of meat six days of the week and fasts for one day,” Rostislov explained.

The International Circus Demidov has brought four white and two regular tigers, as well as two white lions to Mongolia to perform for the public.

The National Circus was crowded with children wanting to see white tigers and Magda on January.

Magda and the other animals consume 250 kg of beef, 10 kg of carrots and 250 eggs a week.

Rostislov walking with Magda
Rostislov walking with Magda


  1. Using wild animals for “Entertainment” in circuses especially is highly cruel. The animals come mostly from gruesome breeding facilities, are separated from their mothers as babies, and beaten until their Spirit is broken. The so-called “Training” involves repeated beatings. They have no opportunity to live in a natural way. I would really hope that Mongolia Shows its modern face by outlawing such overcome cruelty.

  2. True. Most circuses across the world have banned/outlawed using wild animals for circus performances, but in ex-soviet blocks things don’t work that way and also due to lack of knowledge. Maybe things will change soon and animals will be freed.


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