In the following interview, “Mongolia’s Got Talent” (MGT) judge and violinist Ch.Delgertsetseg delves into the recently concluded second season of MGT and her views on life and love.

 How was this year’s MGT in your opinion?

Mongolia rarely broadcasts world-class shows. I’m proud Mongolia was able to do such a large TV show, adopted in 68 countries. It’s more significant because Mongol TV was able to produce it professionally and according to standards. I’m an artist but I got to judge MGT – it was an honor and a huge responsibility.

I play the violin, which is one of the toughest musical instruments to play. I’ve been playing it for many years. I think my experience and knowledge as a violinist contributed considerably in judging the show and making decisions. Violinists are not well-known for expressing their inner feelings during a performance. Through MGT, I got the opportunity to express my inner feelings to my heart’s desire. People judge based on their preferences and intuition. I got to figure myself out these last two years. I got to fully understand where I belong and what I should do to reach it while judging this show.

I don’t like worrying too much. I wasn’t concerned about anything in particular because I could rely on our capable and talented producer. I’ve never seen such a good producer before. He was able to skillfully manage everyone in the team, starting from state honored artists to a 16-year-old inexperienced newcomer. I’m very satisfied.

deegii-hiilch +33 Although O.Enkh-Erdene became the second MGT winner, many viewers were dissatisfied with the result on social media, complaining that runner-up B.Shijirbat should have won instead. What’s your opinion on this?

The last decision was handed over to the public and they made their choice. Judges also commented on the performances. I’m not 100 percent sure, but I heard that O.Enkh-Erdene got an offer to work with Sony Music Entertainment. If it’s true, O.Enkh-Erdene found a huge opportunity as an artist and he will become the first Mongolian singer to work with Sony Music Entertainment. This company only seeks talent. Overall, I think MGT Season 2 was very successful. Before the show began, all the judges were told to not focus on judging alone and that we were a part of this big project. So instead of giving strict judgment, I expressed my momentary feelings.

 Which performance was most impressive to you?

It was Uugan-Erdene’s dance performance. That has got to be real talent. She was able to move people’s hearts without executing difficult moves like a ballerina. No matter when or who’s watching, they will get absorbed by her performance. It isn’t easy to move other people’s hearts. She has pure talent because she was able to do it. She’s really adorable and lovely.

 Many viewers like you for being yourself without managing your image while judging.  Young girls and women often pretend to be someone they’re not to fit in. Can you give them advice so that they can stay true to themselves?

First of all, people need to gather a lot of attributes, including intellectual and aesthetic attributes, as well as experience. But we mustn’t forget that everything has a limit. You shouldn’t be focused too much or too little on one particular thing. After that, you’ll have to find your real self and confidence.

I like to talk about my life in my twenties. Women should love hard and experience a devastating heartbreak before reaching 30. Sorry, but they should also have one or two fickle relationships. This isn’t to make them understand the nature of people, but to help them learn more about themselves and find out what they like and dislike, what gives them pleasure, what makes them stronger, what motivates them, and what discourages them. Once you know these things, you can make the best decisions and choices for yourself. The most important and life-changing decision for women is choosing their husband. Everything they have done, seen and experienced is crucial for making this choice.

Girls nowadays are making decisions so quickly and easily. They think they know everything when in fact, they know only a tiny fraction of a huge thing. They tend to search for an easy way out too. All of this can lead them to a difficult situation. The most important thing to consider when making decisions or when in a sticky situation is your inner feelings. The thing is that no one can deceive or lie to themselves no matter what situation they might be in. If people are able to figure themselves out, they will figure out their way in the world.


…It might sound selfish but my motto is: Do whatever I like and however I like. This is my way of being true to myself…


 How were you able to find your true self?

People who’ve figured out themselves become less emotional – they don’t feel as much excitement, happiness or sadness as they used to. They learn to control their emotions because they know how they should act depending on the occasion and the other person. I don’t get that upset when someone criticize or badmouth me and I don’t get too pleased with myself when someone praises me. I know what kind of a person I am. I think this is what people mean by “finding your true self”. It might sound selfish but my motto is: Do whatever I like and however I like. This is my way of being true to myself.

 Have you had any troubles or challenges on the journey to discovering yourself?

Of course. Many people ask me to talk about many experience, but I’m still young. There’s a saying that enlightenment comes at 60 and you die at the age of 61.

 What did you think of people’s reaction to your outfits?

Had I been wearing revealing and provocative clothes when developing a law, I would’ve deserved all their lash outs and criticisms. MGT is a world-class show and I’m an artist. People need to consider these things. I wasn’t hurt or affected that much by their criticisms. To be honest, I wouldn’t wear those clothes if I felt uncomfortable in them. I let my stylists take care of everything related to my appearance because I know that they will find me outfits that suit me best and make me look fabulous.

Moreover, MGT isn’t my show. I accepted to work with MGT producers so I need to do to some things as requested. I respect the television crew, so what other people say about me isn’t my first priority. There isn’t a single man not attracted to beautiful women. I’m glad that male viewers were pleased with my appearance. In general, I believe that the most aesthetically pleasing thing in the world is women’s beauty.


…Girls nowadays are making decisions so quickly and easily. They think they know everything when in fact, they know only a tiny fraction of a huge thing. They tend to search for an easy way out too…


 Will there be MGT next year?

At the moment, the producers are not planning to organize MGT again.

 You said that you wanted to meet contestant Tsenguun, who pole danced, 10 years from now. Will you really meet him?

I like to stay positive. Considering Tsenguun’s age and mine, I decided to take better care of myself from now on. Regardless of whether we’ll meet or not, I want to stay glamorous.


(Judge Ch.Delgertsetseg confirming if Tsenguun doesn’t have a girlfriend on Mongolia’s Got Talent)

What is love to you?

If love is sparked between two people, it will last forever. But if it wasn’t there in the first place, then it’s not going to work out between them. I don’t believe that people fall in love with another after spending some time together. It’s pointless to hope for someone, who doesn’t love you, to fall for you eventually.

 Please describe your ideal woman?

I wouldn’t say big, sparkling eyes and hot red lips make a woman ideal. An ideal woman is someone who will try to help others even if they don’t have what it takes to help them. Their desire to help others is what makes them beautiful. This kind of person will always be surrounded by good things. I believe that everyone has a destiny and will live their life as planned for them by God.

Do you have plans to live abroad?

I’m most fortunate when I’m in Mongolia. Overseas, I’m just one out of hundreds of people. I want to stay in Mongolia during my career prime.

Can you share some of your future plans?

In any case, MGT has ended and my next projects are waiting. I recently opened Degi’s Music School and announced the first local children’s piano and violin competition called “Young Artist”. The competition will take place at the end of this week. Many children have signed up already. I’d like to thank their parents for allowing them to sign up.

I will focus on social activities more than my own individual activities because I think it’s important to raise public awareness about music and make people understand that professionals aren’t the only ones who can do music or perform brilliantly.

In general, I have tons of dreams and ambitions. One of my dreams is to establish an academy where ballerinas practice on the first floor, children sing on the second floor, and musicians play various instruments on the top floor. I assume that Ulaanbaatar will have a metro station very soon. I’d like to build the academy next to a metro station so that children can get home safely at night. It would also be good to show passengers on the metro how much effort children are putting into reaching their dreams.


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