Ulaanbaatar’s leadership meets to discuss 2017 plans

Ulaanbaatar officials meet

The first 2017 meeting of Ulaanbaatar’s leadership took place on Monday, and officials discussed plans for the city in the new year.

The Head of the Monitoring and Evaluation Department, Kh.Gantulga, presented Ulaanbaatar Mayor S.Batbold with a performance report, as instructed by the mayor.

He noted that 205 tasks were required by the Mayor in 2016 in emergency services, regulated activities, state services, investment, construction, and other affairs, and were performed to 91 percent completion.

The Vice Chairman of the Ulaanbaatar Policy Office (UPO), Colonel K.Nyamdavaa, stated that the UPO received 9,641 calls concerning misdemeanors, conflicts, and criminal offenses during the holidays, and that the number of holiday calls had decreased by 58.9 percent compared to 2015.  A total of 1,064 police officers worked every day during the holidays to deter crime and ensure public safety.

The Head of the Traffic Regulation Department of the Traffic Police Department (TPD), Colonel B.Batbold, reported that there were 4,347 calls regarding traffic violations, and the TPD issued 112 tickets for traffic violations resulting in injuries and regulated another 1,606 violations.

Colonel N.Ulambayar, head of Ulaanbaatar’s National Emergency Management Office (UNEMO), said that UNEMO received 130 fire calls and 15 rescue calls over the past 14 days.

Ulaanbaatar Mayor S.Batbold announced that Ulaanbaatar will focus on developing civic participation, legal reform, and improving performance and discipline in 2017.

He instructed the heads of Ulaanbaatar’s agencies to submit performance reports for investment projects and programs to the Policy and Planning Department of the Ulaanbaatar Mayor’s Office this week.  He also instructed the agency heads to prepare for ger district household relocation efforts.