Minister of Roads and Transportation D.Ganbat met with American Ambassador to Mongolia Jennifer Galt to discuss cooperation between the two countries in the road and transport sector.

Minister D.Ganbat underlined the 30-year friendly partnership that Mongolia and the U.S have had, and noted that relations have developed to become comprehensive. The Minister also mentioned how cooperation between the two countries allowed the 176.4 km road linking Choir and Sainshand to be financed by the Millennium Development Fund.

D.Ganbat introduced plans for large-scale infrastructure projects, such as new railways, the new international airport, and transit and road projects. He told Ambassador Galt about the projects that his ministry will implement in the framework of the government’s 2016 to 2020 action plan and introduced several proposals. The Minister inquired about the Millennium Challenge Corporation’s (MMC) upcoming Compact II contract to be signed with Mongolia, and whether the roads and transport sector would be included; adding that his ministry is interested in cooperating within the framework of the second compact.

The proposals raised by the Minister included turning the Choir-Sainshand road into a three-lane highway, upgrading the service facilities along the 620 km UB-Zamyn-Uud road, and expanding the UB-Darkhan road into a four-lane highway. The Minister also noted that the project to link all the province centers to UB has yet to be finished, with 130 km of road between Govi-Altai and Uvs provinces not yet finished.

Ambassador Galtsaid that the U.S. Embassy is focused on the economic and social development of Mongolia, and highlighted the possibility of further cooperation in the roads and transport sector.


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