New weather app launched


A new weather app has been developed to help Mongolians be better prepared in emergency situations including dzuds, floods and fires.

Anhaar smartphone app has been developed by the National Emergency Management Agency of Mongolia (NEMA) and the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) to help people across Mongolia stay safe in severe weather conditions, emergency situations and natural disasters.

Users of the app will find specific information on what to do during an emergency in a dzud, earthquake, strong wind, flood, storm or fire.

It also includes first-aid instructions to help sick or injured people, and a range of useful smartphone tools including a flashlight, strobe light, alarm sounds, and GPS location so users can send their location to emergency personnel.

“Anhaar app provides information on common hazards in Mongolia and instructions on how to stay safe,” said Colonel P.Battogtokh, First Deputy Chief of NEMA.

“The easy and comprehensive content provides step by step directions and key contact information and emergency phone numbers in the event of an emergency.”

Anhaar app is the first of its kind in Mongolia and is free to download in both English and Mongolian for Android and iOS users.

The app includes phone numbers of relevant emergency authorities for every aimag across the country.

The app has been designed to use new and innovative technologies to improve disaster awareness and preparedness in Mongolia.