A.Bayartsetseg thanks Mongolian supporters


Miss World 2016 concluded on December 18 and Mongolian beauty pageant A.Bayartsetseg received the People’s Choice Award and Miss Talent award.

Below is a brief interview with A.Bayartsetseg.

Congratulations on a successful participation at Miss World 2016. How are you feeling?

Thank you. I achieved this great success thanks to the support of all Mongolians. After the grand finale, I participated in another event, that’s why I didn’t have a chance to express my gratitude to Mongolians until now. I tried hard to promote Mongolia during Miss World 2016. As a result, we updated our previous achievement at Miss World. Thank you for always stand by my side.

Your talent performance was amazing and you won the Miss Talent award. You took most votes on the MobStar app.

Actually, the organizers suddenly announced to collect the Miss Talent votes through MobStar mobile app, and we won. Mongolians voted for me within a very few days. My performance for the Miss Talent was different from other beauty pageants’. I combined dance and calligraphy writing with magic. That’s why people liked it I think.

The announcement for the Top 11 must have been the hardest moment for you. Please tell us what it was like for you?

I was so nervous. Anyone could have been the 11th top contestant. The host of Miss World 2016 announced my name and said “the People’s Choice Award goes to Mongolia”. That moment was amazing. Mongolians are powerful when we are united.

Which countries’ beauty pageant did you like the most?

It has been almost two months since I came to the USA. I became really close friends with Miss Indonesia. I shared a room with Miss Dominican, that’s why we became friends too. They won second and third places of Miss World 2016.


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