The grand finale of the 66th Miss World took place at the Gaylord National Resort and Convention Center in the USA.

Puerto Rico’s contestant Stephanie Dec Valle was crowned Miss World 2016. Mongolian beauty pageant A.Bayartsetseg received the People’s Choice Award and became one of the Top 11 contestants of the event.

A.Bayartsetseg also won the Miss Talent award for her magic trick and calligraphy performance at the grand finale.

Miss Dominican Republic and Miss Indonesia became first and second runner-ups of the event.

Below is an interview with A.Bayartsetseg’s mother L.Tserenchimed

Your daughter won awards at Miss World 2016. How are you feeling?

Thank you. I am very happy. My daughter’s achievement was thanks to Mongolians’ hope and hard work. Mongolians showed that we are powerful when we can stand together.

Miss World awards its Top 10 contestants. This year, the organizers chose the 11th contestant through people’s choice. You must have been very excited.

I was really surprised that Miss South Korea and Miss Belgium made it in the Top 10. They were not very good during Miss World 2016. I was so excited when I found out that the organizers would announce one more top contestant. I watched the finale at Red Hero VIP Cinema with my students and the team that supported my daughter.

We were so happy when the host of Miss World 2016 announced my daughters’ name as the 11th contestant.

A.Bayartsetseg’s talent performance and introduction video were very special. She promoted Mongolia through her video and her magic performance was amazing.

My daughter writes calligraphy very well. That was a chance to promote Mongolia to the world for her. She combined calligraphy with magic. A magician named Bilegt taught her magic.

Her talent performance was very difficult. I heard my daughter is the first contestant to perform magic at Miss World.

A man named Tulgaa made her video introduction. They spent many days to make that video. Her video promoted Mongolia very well and became the most watched introduction video of Miss World 2016.

Thank you all for supporting my daughter.


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