Speaker discusses cooperation with the UAE

Speaker M.Enkhbold shaking hands with President of the FNC Al Qubaisi during the signing of a memorandum of cooperation

Speaker of Parliament M.Enkhbold paid a working visit to the United Arab Emirates (UAE), and met with the President of the Federal National Council (FNC) of the UAE, Dr. Amal Al Qubaisi, to discuss relations and cooperation between the two nations’ legislatures and in counter-terrorism measures.

Speaker M.Enkhbold underlined that diplomatic relations between Mongolia and the UAE were established 20 years ago, and that the opening of the new Embassy of the UAE in Ulaanbaatar in 2016 was an important mechanism for cooperation between the two countries. He noted that relations and cooperation between the two countries should be developed in all fields, and that creating a legal and regulatory environment for developing cooperation in trade, the economy, and other sectors is the responsibility of Mongolia’s legislature.

Promoting cooperation between inter-parliamentary groups and the nations’ parliamentary secretariats were also noted for being of importance to developing relations and cooperation. Speaker M.Enkhbold stressed that Mongolia is willing to collaborate with the UAE to implement megaprojects and hopes to export Mongolian meat to the UAE.

The Speaker said, “I hope Mongolia will overcome the nation’s economic challenges quickly,  because we have the opportunity for the Government of Mongolia and Parliament to maintain political stability over the next four years.”  He asked Al Qubaisi to issue a long-term soft loan with a low interest rate to help Mongolia deal with its economic challenges.

Al Qubaisi stated that it is possible for the UAE to help Mongolia in the framework of economic cooperation, but assistance should be carried out under international rules and principles. She emphasized that developing renewable energy cooperation between the two countries is important, and that Mongolian authorities should focus on eliminating double taxation and deal with visa challenges.

Al Qubaisi said, “Launching a direct flight between Dubai and Ulaanbaatar is of significant importance to developing relations between the two countries, and cooperation in culture, education, and humanitarian sectors is important if economic cooperation is to be developed.”

Dr. Al Qubaisi thanked Mongolia for taking the same position as the UAE on fighting terrorism. She highlighted that using weapons to combat terrorism is not sufficient, so efforts such as destroying their ideology and access to financial support, as well as demonstrating the exemplary development of countries without terrorism, would help to eliminate terrorism.

M.Enkhbold proposed that the UAE study opportunities to import Mongolian workers.  He said, “Young Mongolian people gaining experience by working on the UAE’s urban expansion projects is of importance to strengthening the relationship between the two countries.”

Al Qubaisi introduced Speaker M.Enkhbold and his accompanying delegation to the UAE’s state ministries for happiness, tolerance, and youth, and gave him a tour of the meeting hall and operations of the FNC.

During their meeting, Speaker M.Enkhbold and the President of the FNC signed a memorandum of cooperation outlining cooperation in politics, the economy, culture, and education, as well as collaborating on regional and global issues.