N.Tugstsogt knocks out Mexican boxer

N.Tugstsogt and German Meraz before the fight

Mongolian boxer N.Tugstsogt, known as King Tug, had his seventh fight in his professional career against German Meraz of Mexico on December 8 at Orange County Fairgrounds in California.

N.Tugstsogt ended his fight with German Meraz with a knockout.

After beating Meraz, N.Tugstsogt said, “German Meraz’s team refused to continue the fight after the fifth round. German Meraz wasn’t able to fight. There was blood all over his face. I think I broke his nose. He is a very experienced fighter who had many fights in his career. I am really happy that I defeated this experienced fighter.”

N.Tugtsogt is an Olympic silver medalist and has won all seven of his fights since he started his professional career last year.

He is currently ranked 74th in the featherweight division of the World Professional Boxing Ranking out of 1,515 boxers.

German Meraz, 30, currently ranks 282nd in the featherweight division. He has had 96 fights in his professional fighting career; 55 wins, 40 loses and one draw.


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