A national conference on Ecosystem-based Adaptation Approach to Maintaining Water Security was held last Thursday /December 1/ in Ulaanbaatar.

Opening the conference, Minister of Health L.Byambasuren reported that two water suppliers and six provincial stakeholders launched the Ecosystem-based Adaptation Approach in 2012 with assistance from the WHO to identify every water pollutant during water provisioning services, assess risks, prevent potential water pollution, and ensure water security. As a result, stakeholders have expanded operations and now, there are 21 water suppliers operating in Ulaanbaatar, 14 in Dornogovi Province, and seven suppliers in Umnugovi Province. Research showed that the project has improved drinking water supplies for 1.9 million people in Mongolia.

Minister L.Byambasuren expressed gratitude to representatives from the Ministry of Construction and Urban Development, Ministry of Environment and Tourism, General Agency of Specialized Inspection, Public Health Institute in Ulaanbaatar, Water Supply and Sewage Authority, and various schools for participating in the conference and continuing to contribute to improving the nation’s water security.

Companies and organizations that took part in developing and implementing the program were awarded certificates.


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