Mongolia’s biggest annual fashion festival Goyol took place on December 1 at the Central Cultural Palace.

Goyol Festival usually awards the top models of the year, but this year’s festival didn’t present the award, leaving many visitors disappointed.

Secretary-general of the Mongolian Designers’ Association Kh.Baigalmaa said, “The 29th Goyol was held successfully. Seeing from the festival, designers and their designs are getting better and better. Unfortunately, we didn’t select the top model this year, because no one met the criteria.There are so many models in Mongolia, but there is no top model this year.”

Designer at Ertnii Mongol Khiits fashion salon O.Urantsetseg won the designers’Grand Prix.

The Mongolian Designers’Association organized the Goyol 2017 Festival.Asistradition, designers and fashion houses taking part in the festival introduced their designs at the show.

The best model, photographer, make-up artist, hairdresser, and designer were awarded at the festival.

Winners of the festival:

Best Male Model – N.Azjargal

Best Female Model – D.Dolgion

Best Make-Up Artist – G.Narmandakh of Narumi Studio

Best Photographer – M.Tsoggerel

Best Photo Model – O.Ariunzul and N.Anu

Best Hairdresser – D.Odongoo of Vidal Salon

From left: N.Azjargal, D.Dolgion, O.Urantsetseg
From left: N.Azjargal, D.Dolgion, O.Urantsetseg

Upon receiving the best female model award, D.Dolgion said, “Goyol is the first and biggest fashion festival in Mongolia. It is my pleasure to receive this honorable prize. I will try harder in the future.”

Best male model N.Azjargal said, “I am very happy. It has been 12 years since I entered the fashion world. I participated in Goyol Festival 10 times. I am very happy that the organizers valued my hard work and gave me this prize.”




  1. They could have give”Top Model” award it to anyone. Even Oscars and Nobel committee did that in the past. It is just some fashion show, nothing that important to be honest.


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