Discussion held on establishing open data for government

State open data discussion

On Wednesday, the Office of the Cabinet Secretariat and School of Engineering and Applied Sciences organized a discussion about building an open database for the Smart State Project the Government of Mongolia is implementing.

Over 120 representatives from the Office of the President, the secretariats of Parliament and Cabinet, and representatives from government ministries and agencies, research organizations, enterprises, and civil society took part in the discussion.

The state and private sector representatives discussed collecting data from state authorities to be accessed by anyone, introducing people to the advantages of using open data, the work accomplished so far to develop open data, ongoing work, future projects and programs scheduled, and the challenges faced in building an open database.

Deputy Chief of the Cabinet Secretariat U.Byambasuren pointed out that governmental organizations have huge quantities of data, and that this data should be published with open access to anyone wanting information. He said that people are able to access state information in many other countries.

A task force including representatives from governmental organizations was set up during  the discussion, and their proposals and initiatives will be presented to state authorities.