President of Intellectual Academy Kh.Khatanbaatar receives Order of Khangarid

Kh.Khatanbaatar standing in the middle

On November 26, the Ulaanbaatar City Council received president of the Intellectual Academy of Mongolia Kh.Khatanbaatar to present him with the highest prize of the capital, the Order of Khangarid.

Kh.Khatanbaatar recently returned from Las Vegas with 14 other memory athletes after taking part in the World Mental Olympics, Memoriad 2016. His students won 15 medals as well as the winner’s cup of the tournament by overall score.

Chairman of the Ulaanbaatar City Council Ts.Sandui said, “Kh.Khatanbaatar has been working to develop memory sports in Mongolian since 1991. Mongolian memory athletes are dominating the world. We value your hard work and present you with the Order of Khangarid.”

Kh.Khatanbaatarsaid, “Thank you for valuing my work and giving me this prize.I want to express my gratitude to all athletes and staff of the Intellectual Academy of Mongolia.”


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