Open discussion of the 2017 city budget held

Ulaanbaatar Mayor S.Batbold speaking at the meeting

The Ulaanbaatar Mayor’s Office hosted an open discussion of Ulaanbaatar’s 2017 budget this past weekend. Ulaanbaatar Mayor S.Batbold, Chairman of the Ulaanbaatar City Council Ts.Sandui, and Deputy Mayors met with citizens’ representatives, district mayors, and representative from city agencies and other authorities in Ulaanbaatar to hear their opinions on the 2017 city budget.

The discussion’s attendees pointed out that Ulaanbaatar’s residents have faced challenges in receiving proper medical care and childcare from the overloaded systems available, as well as infrastructure and road difficulties, so there should be a greater focus on dealing with these challenges.

They asked Ulaanbaatar’s leadership to resolve financing or to carry out concession agreements to implement plans to expand some public schools to resolve capacity challenges.

Mayor S.Batbold stated that the open discussion was an effective meeting, and that the citizens’ representatives had determined the challenges residents face in their districts. He thanked the citizens’ representatives for working to develop Ulaanbaatar, and told the discussion’s attendees to put effort into promoting effective initiatives.