Cabinet reviews healthcare and constitutional amendments

A cabinet meeting

During Cabinet’s weekly Wednesday meeting, its ministers discussed issues facing the healthcare sector, and amendments to the Constitution.

Cabinet members approved guidelines for the matters to be discussed during a meeting of the Mongolia-Russia intergovernmental commission, which will be held from December 11 to 13, in Ulaanbaatar. Cooperation in trade, the economy, infrastructure, transportation, mining, energy, and the humanitarian sector will be discussed during the meeting.

The ministers allowed the state to pay for the medical expenditures of people requiring hemo
dialysis. There are 27 public and private medical centers operating 169 dialysis machines. According to medical data, there are 564 patients in Mongolia requiring treatment for kidney failure.

Cabinet also decided to dispatch 22 emergency vehicles to soum hospitals lacking adequate emergency vehicles. Prime Minister J.Erdenebat instructed Cabinet Secretariat J.Munkhbat and Minister of Justice and Interior Affairs S.Byambatsogt to set up a task force including legal scholars and specialists and experienced lawyers to cooperate on making amendments to the Constitution.