Asian weightlifting champion and world university weightlifting champion M.Ankhtsetseg returned to Mongolia on November 21.

M.Ankhtsetseg’s parents, family, friends, and coaches, and Mongolians welcomed her at Chinggis Khaan International Airport.

M.Ankhtsetseg competed in two international tournaments last week and claimed gold medals in both tournaments.

During the World University Weightlifting Championship, M.Ankhtsetseg injured her elbow. She left for a hospital with her family and coach right after landing in Mongolia.

The young weightlifter competed in two big tournaments without the presence and guidance of her coach Ts.Khosbayar due to financial issues.

World champion M.Ankhtsetseg gave a brief interview after landing at Chinggis Khaan International Airport.


Congratulations on becoming Asian and world champion. How do you feel?

Thank you. I am very happy that I became Asian and world champion. I have won six gold medals in total from international competitions. It was hard to compete without my coach. I missed my teacher a lot. The worst thing was going without my coach. I feel powerful when my coach says, “Ankhaa, you can do it” during tournaments.

Other countries’ athletes kept asking, “Are you competing without a coach?” But I did it. I want to thank to my parents, coach Ts.Khosbayar, the Mongolian Weightlifting Federation, Souvenir House, Mungur Guur (Silver Bridge) Hospital, and the people of Mongolia.

How stay in touch with coach Ts.Khosbayar during the Asian and World Championships?

I had a connection with my coach during the whole tournaments. My teacher told me, “I am always with you in my heart. Be confident and brave. You can do it, Ankhaa.” My teacher gave me a letter of instructions. I prepared well for both tournaments.

Coach Ts.Khosbayar didn’t go with you because of financial difficulty. How much money did you spend to compete in the tournaments?

Me and coach needed 22 million MNT in total in order to compete in the Asian and World University Championships. The Mongolian Weightlifting Federation is facing financial difficulties and couldn’t afford my expenses. I raised the funding myself. The Governor’s Office of Selenge Province, Nomgoljin Company, and State Champion (highest title of traditional Mongolian wrestling) G.Erkhembayar helped me a lot.

Former professional sumo wrestler yokozuna D.Dagvadorj promised that he will sponsor you for Tokyo 2020 Summer Olympics. Some people criticized that D.Dagvadorj should have helped this time and that he didn’t keep his promise.

Some people misunderstood. Yokozuna D.Dagvadorj always supports me. He provides me with sports clothing, vitamins and protein powder. I asked financial help before going to the Asian and World Championships and he said, “I’m not able to help financially this time.”

People have to understand that everyone is facing financial difficulties.

Four countries offered you and your coach their citizenships. You refused. Do you regret this?

No, I don’t. I am an athlete of Mongolia. I want to remain Mongolian athlete Ankhtsetseg Munkhjantsan. I won’t accept citizenships from other countries in the future. Every athlete wants to be an Olympic champion. My biggest dream is also to become an Olympic champion. I want to be announced, “Mongolian athlete M.Ankhtsetseg and Olympic champion.”

You injured your elbow during the World University Weightlifting Championship. Are you in pain?

It hurts very badly. I am taking painkillers. I don’t know exactly what was injured. I am going to a hospital now.


  1. No coach with her and she still wins . Great talent. The painkillers are a concern. Hopefully her team is up to date on the approved medicines list.


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