Fashion design students from Mongolian International University (MIU) presented “Hamkkehamt: Refashioned Exhibition”, a collection of illustrations and apparel from the upcycled fashion line Onely, at the Union of Mongolian Artists Art Gallery on November 19.

Onely is a brand collaboration between South Korean social enterprise Hamkkehamt and the Fashion Design Department of Mongolian International University. Over 30 pieces for Onely were made by students from repurposing secondhand clothes provided by Hamkkehamt.

Dean Sunyoung Choi of MIU’s Fashion Design Department said, “We opened this exhibition with a Korean company called Hamkkehamt. We received some clothing donations from Hammkehamt and we made new clothes by upcycling them. We are planning to support single mothers. Clothes hanging on the wall are not for sale, they are samples. People can place an order and income from the sale of our clothes will be donated to support single mothers.”

Hamkkehamt supports women in developing countries by developing sustainable fashion businesses.

CEO of Hammkehamt Sungmin Na said, “Twenty percent of women in Mongolia are single mothers, as we learned. It is quite a big number, so I want to help single mothers in Mongolia through sustainable fashion. We receive secondhand clothes from Koreans. After that, we sort the clothes and send them to MIU. Sophomores and juniors make new clothes using secondhand goods. That’s how we are collaborating with MIU. I want Mongolian people to know about the recycling and upcycling brand Onely and to support single mothers.”




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