A.Bayartsetseg will represent Mongolia at Miss World 2016, which will take place from November 29 to December 18 in Washington, D.C.

Her official introduction video for Miss World 2016 was released on the official YouTube page of Miss World Organization.

A.Bayartetseg wrote on her Facebook, “I am proud that I am a Mongolian. I really want to promote the beautiful nature and people of Mongolia at Miss World 2016, which will be watched by over two billion people. I want to dedicate my video to every Mongolian person. Watch and share my video because it helps me become one of the top 10 contestants of Miss World 2016. Watch my video and promote Mongolia to the world.”

The following is an interview with A.Bayartsetseg.

Congratulations on becoming our national representative for Miss World 2016. How did you win the national pageant?

My knowledge of foreign languages helped me win the national pageant. I can speak in English and Spanish. I am studying French. Speaking another language with other contestants at Miss World 2016 will be advantageous. I participated in a number of international beauty pageants before. I think that also influenced the judges’ decision. I prepared very well for Miss World 2016. There is nothing to be afraid of if you prepare well.

Can you tell us about your team working with you?

The most important thing is to promote my country in a good way. I view Miss World 2016 as a project not a competition. That’s why I am working with a project team. My team has 10 people, such as a marketing manager, promoter, graphic designer and more.

Are you covering your own expenses at Miss World 2016? Do you have a sponsor?

The expense for Miss World 2016 is very high. I don’t have any sponsors who donate cash. But I have many sponsors who provide me clothes, products and services.

How long have you prepared for Miss World 2016?

I prepared for a month-and-a-half. One thing I didn’t purposefully prepare for Miss World is humanitarian work. I started doing humanitarian work before in Miss World Mongolia 2016.

I have been carrying out a project named “Agaa Egee” (brother and sister) for five years. The project aims to find older brothers and sisters for orphan children. There are 5,000 orphans registered in Mongolia. Children make important decisions as they approach adulthood. During this age, they need a person to give them advice. That’s why I started this project. I will participate in the Beauty with a Purpose category of Miss World 2016 through my project.

What do you hope to achieve at Miss World 2016?

I want to update the previous contestants’ achievements. Of course I am looking to win the crown. But promoting Mongolia is the second mission as well as winning the crown.

Miss World 2016 is not only my competition. I will try my best.


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