Prime Minister J.Erdenebat reports on Cabinet’s agriculture initiatives

Democratic Party member D.Erdenebat addressing Parliament

During Parliament’s Friday session, Prime Minister J.Erdenebat held a briefing about harvest completion and preparation for the winter challenges facing herders.

Premier J.Erdenebat pointed out that, as of October, economic growth in the agricultural sector was 2.8 percent higher than it was in 2015, despite international and domestic trade and manufacturing having faced economic decline. The Prime Minister told MPs that the government is executing a policy to support cost-effective manufacturing of animal and agricultural products. He stressed that 475,800 tons of crops were harvested this year.

Prime Minister J.Erdenebat said, “The Government of Mongolia implemented projects, programs, and campaigns to promote crops, and as a result, Mongolia’s farmers harvested the highest recorded amount of ripe crops from their fields in the past 25 years in 2012, 2014, and 2015.

He added that flour mills received 258,300 tons of wheat, the Crop Production Promotion Fund collected 64,900 tons of wheat to make flour, and the government will work to promote farmers in spring. There are 153,100 herders with 60.8 million livestock, and 16,500 of them have moved to different camps with 6.9 million livestock to look for better pasture conditions.

MP D.Erdenebat addressed Parliament about the Democratic Party’s position on Prime Minister J.Erdenebat’s briefing. MP D.Erdenebat asked the Prime Minister to implement a policy that brings prices for Mongolian livestock and agricultural products to global price standards, and to improve their competitiveness to meet international standards
for export.

He noted that this can be achieved by harnessing cohesion between the agriculture and manufacturing industries, a policy that was approved in 2015, and asked the PM to respond about implementation of the policy. D.Erdenebat said that herders and farmers don’t understand legislation on meat export and crops, so changes should be made to these laws.

The Prime Minister said that the Minister of Food, Agriculture and Light Industry is discussing meat export with Chinese authorities, and the sides have agreed to export meat from Mongolia to China through two checkpoints. PM J.Erdenebat pointed out that the government is pursuing policy to provide herders and farmers with soft loans, and that increasing their revenue has brought about good outcomes. He said that he agreed with D.Erdenebat’s proposal to make legislative changes.