By Kristine de Leon

ART Mongolia Artist Studio and Gallery Center inaugurated its first group exhibition, “The Lockless Door”, on November 10. The exhibition organized by the artists of ART Mongolia includes a collection of paintings, collage, mixed media, and sculpture, offering viewers a bustling and insightful visual feast until Friday, November 18, 2016.

Here, eighteen emerging artists display their talents, their works, and their love of vastly differing medium in an extraordinary collection. With openness to new horizons and the coexistence of diverse means of expression, “The Lockless Door” provides a platform for the budding artists to showcase their latest works. Through their varied practices that span various styles and mediums, the artists represent the bourgeoning creativity that is well and alive in Mongolia’s young artists.

"Lifeless life" by J.Munkhjargal
“Lifeless life” by J.Munkhjargal

In “Lifeless Life” and “Watchman”, J.Munkhjargal experiments with the boundaries between painting, sculpture, and multimedia to employ appropriation in combination with explicit symbolism and the creation of spectacular spaces. Viewers are invited to appreciate the highly expressive work in a search for inner truth and the quintessence of situational history and motivational emotion.

"Eye" by S.Shurentsetseg
“Eye” by S.Shurentsetseg

Through his vibrant and colorful style of painting, D.Ganbold portrays Mongolian feminine beauty. His artistic vision and his art merge to offer an emotional, sensual experience in “Khuree Woman”. Also using a vivid, expressionist style of painting, S.Shurentsetseg depicts women in paradisiacal nudity in her paintings “Eye” and “Mother Nature”, as if they were to represent a respect for nature and the Earth.

Door /Homeland Gates/ by Ts.Tuvshinjargal
Door /Homeland Gates/ by Ts.Tuvshinjargal

Influenced by nature and the Mongolian way of life, artist Ts.Tuvshinjargal delivers a new narration of contemporary expression, figurative tradition, and hopes for the future of Mongolia, as illustrated in his oil painting “Door/Homeland Gates”. Also combining modern and traditional techniques and themes, artist Z.Tumenjargal explores the relationship between humans and nature in “Ulaan Amin”.


For artist B.Ankhbayar, visual harmony and composition comes naturally when painting in an abstract or non-objective way. In “Composition”, B.Ankhbayar appears to have traced a landscape’s scenery to its most obvious objects in a way that insures matching visual literacy basics to reach a complete composition, all while considering eye movement and the golden proportions.



Through the creativity of its artists, both established and young, emerging talents, ART Mongolia’s “The Lockless Door” represents the flourishing art in Mongolia that is not tied to folkloristic visions, nor aligned with the impositions of the socialist regime. A great opportunity to look at cross-generational approaches, the group exhibition can help us to better understand a country that aspires to modernity yet maintains solid roots in its past.

“The Lockless Door” is just another glimpse into a new generation that is open to the world of conceptual art and new media, with the common aim of striving to understand what the future holds.

Man,Earth, Ground by Z.Tumenjargal
Man,Earth, Ground by Z.Tumenjargal