The Ministry of Food and Agriculture reported that 5,100 tons of meat have been exported in 2016 so far.

Due to three disease outbreaks, the Chinese government imposed a temporary ban on the import of Mongolian meat. This negatively affected meat exports according to the Ministry.

Chinese authorities paid a working visit to Mongolia and exchanged views on future meat exports and food safety requirements. Meat exporters such as Zavkhan Group noted that discussions about meat exports need to held at the governmental level in order to revive trade. Currently, China’s temporary ban is still in place.

Minister of Food and Agriculture P.Sergelen paid a working visit to Russia to propose increasing the amount of meat exported to Russia. The Ministry reported that it was working to improve the legal environment surrounding meat exports. P.Sergelen highlighted that the Ministry was in the process of amending the livestock health law, bringing veterinary hospitals up to international standards, and drafting a bill on the conservation of animal genetic resources.

Current data shows that the agricultural sector has accounted for 13.7 percent, or 3.7 trillion MNT, of the GDP. Agricultural exports total 332.2 million USD, or 7.1 percent, of the nation’s overall exports.