The Mongolian memory team, comprised of 14 athletes, won the medal tally of the World Mental Olympics, the Memoriad 2016, which took place in Las Vegas from November 7 to 11.

A total of 167 memory athletes from 27 countries, such as the USA, Germany, South Korea, India, Japan and Australia, challenged themselves in 13 categories of the Memoriad 2016.

The Mongolian competitors, aged between seven and 24, won 15 medals in total, including four gold, six silver, and five bronze medals.

Mongolian memory athletes have set two new world records at the event. Grandmaster S.Tsogbadrakh broke the world record in the flash numbers category by memorizing 486 digits, and B.Shijir-Erdene broke the world record in the binary digits category by memorizing 4,770 digits within 30 minutes.


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