The Youth Involvement in Gandan’s Development Forum was organized by the Gandan Youth Union NGO on November 11. The meeting was supported by the Metropolitan Ger District Infrastructure Development Department.

The purpose of the forum was to discuss the current status of the monastery and its surrounding residential and commercial areas, and ways to improve the area’s infrastructure. Representatives from the Mayor’s Office reported on the city’s current policies and future projects and plans for the residents of the Gandan area.

Mayor S.Batbold said, “Our urban restructuring plan is divided between the ger district and old apartments. Today’s meeting is regarding the re-planning of the Gandan area. Gandan is very much connected to the origin of Mongolia, it has also become our country’s religious and cultural center. Other countries have turned their cultural and religious centers into large tourism and economic zones. We are planning to turn Gandan into a religious and cultural center in the future. We prioritize the involvement of residents in this initiative and that is the main purpose of today’s meeting.”

The Mayor went on to highlight that the Mayor’s Office is working to bring the infrastructure of ger districts up to modern standards. He said that his office will be cooperating with Asian Development Bank in Spring 2017 to develop infrastructure in every district.

Gandan Monastery is located in the Bayangol District, with 7,638 residents and 100 businesses operating in the area.