Land issuance prohibited for public areas

Ulaanbaatar Mayor S.Batbold (second from the left) holding a press conference on new directive on November 7

Ulaanbaatar Mayor S.Batbold has issued a new directive prohibiting new land issuance for constructing apartments and office buildings in public areas, specifically in residential areas and near schools and kindergartens.

The purpose of the directive is to ensure healthy and safe living environment for residents of Ulaanbaatar and accommodate the city with more green area, street lights, children’s playground, parking lots, and other facilities.

During a press conference to introduce the directive, Mayor S.Batbold said, “The Ulaanbaatar city administration receives many complaints regarding violations of rights to a healthy living environment. There are countless complaints demanding a stop to ground digging, and construction works inside or near residential areas and schools. The Ulaanbaatar City Council approved the Happy City Action Plan. The foundation for making residents happy is a healthy, safe and comfortable living environment. The Ulaanbaatar Mayor’s Office approved this directive to ensure this right.”

Now, one to three-storey tall parking lots, green facilities, and playgrounds are the only exceptions stated in the directive for land permits of residential towns. The directive strictly prohibits land issuance near or inside schools and kindergartens.
“We will permit expansion work and interior renovation to be carried out within school grounds,” S.Batbold clarified.

That Ulaanbaatar Mayor also announced that land ownership will be revoked if there is violation of previously approved decision and directives related to public areas inside residential areas, schools and kindergartens.
The General Manager of Ulaanbaatar will develop and introduce a plan for increasing green facilities in the capital to the city administration on December 1.


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