Executive Director S.Ankhbayar of Thermal Power Plant IV (TPP4) reported on November 4 that winter preparation at the power station was nearing completion.

Minister of Energy P.Gankhuu paid a working visit to TPP3 and TPP4 on November 4 to check on the progress of winter preparation.

TPP4 generates 70 percent of the nation’s energy supply. The station recently reported that it had completed repairs on six of its eight boilers, with the repair of the two remaining boilers in its final stages.By November 7, the station’s sixth turbine will be operational.

S.Ankhbayar highlighted that the power station employs around 1,492 people, stating that there wouldn’t be a shortage in the station’s workforce this winter.

The government recently issued a 20 billion MNT loan to the Baganuur and Shive Ovoo mines, two of TPP4’s primary coal suppliers. It was reported that the mines were facing financial difficulties and had debt of 11 billion MNT. As of September 1, the Baganuur mine had only fulfilled 45 percent of its winter preparation. TPP4 officials noted that the government loan contributed greatly to the completion of winter preparation. The mines now have 380,000 tons of coal ready to be sent to the power station. The supply is set to reach 450,000 tons in winter, officials highlighted.

As reported during Minister P.Gankhuu’s visit, the power station currently has a supply of 185,000 tons of coal, which will last around 21 days. As of now, the station is using only five of its eight boilers and burning 8,500 to 9,000 tons of coal daily. As temperatures drop, seven of the eight boilers will be operation, which will require 13,000 tons of coal daily.

According to officials, even though winter preparation at TPP4 is complete, there are a number of pressing issues, such as the energy value of coal. Head of the Fuel Transport Department P.Bayar- Erdene said, “Currently, the energy value of coal from Baganuur mine is 3160, whereas Shivee-Ovoo’s coal is at 3030. The energy value of coal from Shive-Ovoo has been decreasing every year, with the energy value being 2967 in 2015. We have improved the capacity of our boilers to 500 tons an hour. However, in order to fully take advantage of this, we need coal that has an energy value above 3300. As a result, we have proposed buying 60 percent of our coal supply from Baganuur mine and 40 percent from Shivee-Ovoo.”

Another pressing issue is water purification, according to Head of the Turbine Department, D.Gankhuyag. He reported that the soil pollution caused by the activities of the nearby Central Wastewater Treatment Plant is affecting the power station’s water purification system. D.Gankhuyag emphasized to Minister P.Gankhuu that this problem needs to be addressed quickly.

The functionality of the power station’s pipes is another issue that was reported by officials. Fifty percent of the pipes have passed their operational shelf life. The government plans to spend five billion MNT in order to replace and repair the pipe system. The pipes that are critical will be repaired in the near future.

Officials stressed that even though there are pressing issues, the preparation for this winter will be fully complete by November 15.