The State Academic Theater of Drama is planning to organize a number of events to celebrate its 85th anniversary, including theatrical performances, art exhibitions, and more.

“Jargaagui Nar” (The Sun That Hasn’t Set) will open at the theater on November 4. The State Academic Theater of Drama is staging the play to commemorate the 110th birthday of the late poet, author, playwright, and founder of the Mongolian Writer’s Union D.Natsagdorj’s. Cultural Merit Worker Sh.Gurbazar wrote “Jargaagui Nar”, and it will be directed by Ch.Tuvshin.

Young actor B.Shinebayar will be portraying D.Natsagdorj, and actress N.Bayarmaa is playing Ts.Natsagdorj’s wife, Pagmadulam.

Director Ch.Tuvshin said, “This play will be a big break. People are becoming more educated these days. D.Natsagdorj was a great poet and a wonderful person. We hope to teach the public about D.Natsagdorj. We did a lot of research for this play. We are aiming to show the audience the personal life and passion of D.Natsagdorj. The name of the play means D.Natsagdorj is still shining in our hearts, and he is the sun that hasn’t set yet.”

Anniversary events for the State Academic Theater of Drama will also take place on November 10, 11, and 12.


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