On October 27, President of Mongolia Ts.Elbegdorj welcomed the Mongolian national university basketball team which won the 6th Asian University Men’s Basketball Championship.

The Mongolian university basketball team secured a gold medal at the 6th Asian University Men’s Basketball Championship, which was held from September 18 to 25 in Ulaanbaatar.

President Ts.Elbegdorj said, “Congratulations on winning gold medal at the Asian University Championship and I wish you all more success. We think that the state has to support team sports such as basketball and volleyball. If you have any good and beneficial ideas for developing team sports, we are ready to support.”

“It is very nice to pursue things you like. But it is very difficult to shine amidst many people who like to play basketball. All of you are very lucky, I think. It is a lie that Mongolians can’t achieve in team sports. The Mongolian people are unique. The most important thing is discipline and teams have to be well organized. I will support you. Cooperate with you. Congratulations again.”

The Mongolian university team handed the president a white jersey with the number four and a basketball signed by the team.

The president of the Mongolian Basketball Association, State Honored Coach Ts.Tseverbal, executive director of the Mongolian Student Sports Federation Ch.Erdenetuya, secretary general of the Mongolian Basketball Association B.Damba, leader of the Mongolian national university basketball team D.Gooshookhuu, senior coach S.Tulga, referee B.Ganzorig, MVP E.Dulguun, athlete A.Temuujin and other players of the team attended the ceremony.


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