The UB Post is featuring a list of the wealthiest politicians in Mongolia based on the Independent Agency Against Corruption’s recent disclosure of the 2015 income statements of new Cabinet and Parliament members.

The annual income statement requires high ranking officials to report on their income, property, vehicles, livestock, jewelry, art, historical artifact, cash, savings accounts, and loans.

We have identified the richest MPs under eight categories as followed:

Ganbaatar j gishuunHIGHEST INCOME

MP J.Ganbaatar had the highest income in 2015 out of new law makers elected this year, with an annual income of a whopping 10.3 billion MNT. This is almost twice the amount of income earned by the former politician with the highest income, G.Batkhuu, who made 5.7 billion MNT in 2015.




MP A.Sukhbat owns two commercial properties worth 9.2 billion MNT. MP and Minister of Environment, Green Development and Tourism D.Oyunkhorol came in second in this category with four properties worth 8.75 billion MNT


MP A.Sukhbat leads this category, with jewelry worth 2.2 billion MNT under his name. In the previous Parliament, MP O.Sodbileg topped this category, with jewelry worth 750 million MNT and President Ts.Elbegdorj came in second place, with jewelry worth 635 million MNT.

Naranhuu MuugiMOST CARS

Most politicians owned one or two vehicles but MP B.Narankhuu reported that he owns five vehicles; a Land Rover Range Rover, Land Cruiser Standard and three Rolls-Royce Phantoms. B.Narankhuu’s vehicles are worth 1.185 billion MNT in total.


MP B.Narankhuu not only has the most number of cars but also has the most savings out of all Mongolian politicians. According to his income statement, he has 21.19 billion MNT in his savings account. Another diligent saver is MP L.Bold, who has 17.86 billion MNT in his savings account.


MP N.Oyundari will easily repay her loan of 60 million MNT if her family tips in on top of her own annual income of 19.5 million MNT. Her family members earned a total of 1.84 billion MNT in 2015, which is considerably higher than the amount earned by other MPs’ families.

MP and Minister of Defense B.Bat-Erdene has had the biggest livestock herd among politicians for several years. He reported that he owns 430 horses, 60 cows, 20 race horses, 400 goats, and 3,000 sheep in his 2015 income statement. However, he might need to reconsider his choice of livestock as his herd of animals is worth less in monetary value than Speaker of Parliament M.Enkhbold’s 60 race horses and 300 horses. B.Bat-Erdene’s livestock is worth up to 618 million MNT but M.Enkhbold’s horses are worth 900 million MNT.

Bilegt M gishuun Muugi


MP M.Bilegt owns a land spanning 1,684 square meters, which is worth 4.21 billion MNT.



Richest Cabinet member: S.Byambatsogt

The following list shows the annual income, stocks and loans of new ministers.


Member of Parliament, Minister of Justice and Internal Affairs

 Byambatsogt Muugi --- Annual Income 4.06 billion MNT
Stock Tavantolgoi shareholding company, Business Development Group LLC, Zoos Goyol JSC, Silikat JSC, Future Technology LLC, Agrotech Impex Pte Ltd, Erdenes Tavan Tolgoi JSC
Loan None




Minister of Finance

 Choijilsuren B (1) Annual Income 1.38 billion MNT
Stock Khurd Group LLC, its branches Khurd Khuns LLC, Khurd Auto LLC, Khurd Trans LLC, Khurd Resource LLC, Khurd Center LLC, Khurd Standard LLC, Khurd Mining LLC, Khurd Capital LLC, Khurd Energy LLC, Khurd Properties LLC, Rapid Harsh LLC, South Gobi Black Gold LLC, and Apartment K H LLC; Govi Goyo Saikhan LLC, Umniin Goyo Govi LLC, DTs-Ulaanbaatar OOO LLC, Agenlogistic Bridge LLC, United Trans Group LLC, Bellevue Properties LLC, National Mining LLC, Monkon LLC, and Tumen Nairamdal LLC
Loan None


Member of Parliament, Minister of Environment, Green Development and Tourism

 Oyunhorol muugii (14) Annual Income 267 million MNT
Stock Otgontenger LLC, Solterra Partners LLC
Loan None



Minister of Food, Agriculture and Light Industry

 Sergelen P said + Annual Income 172.8 million MNT
Stock LLC
Loan None



Minister of Roads and Transportation

 Ganbat D said Annual Income 123 million MNT
Stock Soyo Khairkhan LLC, Khujirt Hot Spring LLC, Govi JSC
Loan None



Minister of Education, Culture, Science and Sports

 Batsuuri J Muugi Annual Income 89.5 million MNT
Stock None
Loan None



Minister of Construction and Urban Development

 Munhbayar Muugi Annual Income 60 million MNT
Stock None
Loan None



Minister of Health

 Tsogtsetseg A emch said + Annual Income 38.4 million MNT
Stock Ulzii Den LLC
Loan 2.6 billion MNT from Khaan and Golomt Banks



Minister of Labor and Social Welfare

 Nomtoibayar  Muugii --- Annual Income 28.78 million MNT
Stock None
Loan None



Minister of Mining and Heavy Industry

 14813616_10207599816540515_2109113545_n.jpg Annual Income 27.7 million MNT
Stock UB Palace LLC, Narantsolmon Holding LLC, Narantsolmon Trade LLC, Narantsolmon Mining LLC, Akhmadiin Khuch Khorshoo LLC, Govi Tugalga LLC, Torgon Khelkhee LLC, SMIT LLC
Loan None



Minister of Energy

 Galhuu P erchim huchnii said Annual Income 24 million MNT
Stock UCS LLC (25 percent shares)
Loan 100 million MNT from Golomt Bank



Minister of Defense

 Bat-Erdene avarga + Annual Income 18.99 million MNT
Stock Ajnai Corporation LLC, Tavan Tolgoi JSC, Invest Capital JSC, MEK Partners LLC, VVU JSC, MMC, Capitron Bank
Loan None



Member of Parliament, Minister of Foreign Affairs

 munh orgil said hartsaga (1) Annual Income 1.802 million MNT (including family members’)
Stock Ulziit LLC, MCS Mining Group Limited LLC, Goyo LLC, Gera Investment Ltd, Thunderbolt LLC
Loan 18,851,000 MNT from MCS Holding LLC



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