Paralympic medalist E.Sodnompiljee to receive two-room apartment

Governor D.Batlut presenting medal of Honored Citizen

Ensada Holding LLC has announced to present a two-room apartment to Paralympic bronze medalist E.Sodnompiljee.

E.Sodnompiljee’s fan G.Dambadarjaa started a public campaign to raise funds to present an apartment to E.Sodmonpiljee in honor of his brilliant success in sports.

G.Dambadarjaa wrote on his Facebook page, “If you have finished voting for the elections, may I please have your attention. I am starting a campaign called ‘Present from all of Mongolia’ to raise funds. The Olympics and Paralympics are the same. The state should have given a prize to Paralympic athletes too. That would have encouraged many people with disability. Please join the campaign everyone.”

Ensada Holding LLC announced to give a two-room apartment to E.Sodnoliljee after reading G.Dambadarjaa’s post.

Athlete E.Sodnolpiljee was born in Orkhon Province in 1985.

Administration of Orkhon Province met with E.Sodnompiljee on October 24 and presented a one-room apartment in Orkhon Province. The athlete will be able to move to his new apartment next year.

Mayor of Orkhon Province D.Batlut and representatives of the Khangarid Sports Committee attended the meeting.

During the meeting, E.Sodnompiljee became an Honored Citizen of Orkhon Province and was awarded one million MNT.


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