In commemoration of the 60th anniversary of the popular children’s song “Maamuu Naash Ir”, children all over the country sang the song in unison on Tuesday, October 25.

The music was written by State Honored Musician, People’s Artist, and Labor Hero D.Luvsansharav, and the lyrics were written by State Honored Poet Ch.Lkhamsuren in 1956.

It is said that D.Luvsansharav got the idea for the song from Khaliunsuren, his six-year-old daughter. His daughter was the first one to hear the tune as Luvsansharav played it for her on a mandolin. The song first came to prominence when State Honored Artist V.Dolgor sang it for children. She has sung it on stage approximately 3,000 times in the past 60 years.

Kindergarten kids singing Maamuu Nash Ir
Kindergarten kids singing Maamuu Nash Ir

The song has been lauded for being very engaging to children, with the tune being easy to remember and the lyrics easy to understand. Professional musicians have highlighted how it has been successful as a children’s song for having one basic rhythm.

In 2011, a statue was erected in honor of the song, located next to the Mongolian Children’s Palace. A ceremony was held at the statue on Tuesday for the 60th anniversary. City officials, students, and the family of D.Luvsansharav were in attendance. A quartet from the Children’s Palace joined V.Dolgor in singing the iconic song.