Prime minister meets Japanese officials to develop economic cooperation

Prime Minister J.Erdenebat meeting with Speaker of the House of Representatives of Japan Tadamori Oshima

Speaker of the House of Representatives of Japan Tadamori Oshima and President of Japan’s House of Councilors Chuichi Date received Prime Minister J.Erdenebat in Tokyo, on October 13.

During their meeting, the Speaker stressed that a close relationship between the two countries has influenced the creation of a sustainable environment for investment in Mongolia, and can take economic ties to a new level.

The Prime Minister stated that business relations and people-to-people relationships are of importance to expanding the strategic partnership between the two countries.

The Prime Minister also met with the Speaker of the House of Representatives of Japan, Tadamori Oshima. In their meeting, Speaker Oshima said he hopes that the Government of Mongolia will see economic recovery and that Japan’s high ranking politicians support Mongolia in all fields.

He highlighted that Japan and Mongolia stand by principles such as democracy and free enterprise, and noted that Prime Minister Shinzo Abe has visited Mongolia three times, which indicates that the relationship between the two countries is a very close one.

Oshima noted that political stability is very important to developing investment and economic cooperation, and that good results come from stability, which builds mutual trust. He added that training specialists, adopting new technologies, and carrying out fruitful cooperation are the main principles of Japanese investors and entrepreneurs.

Speaker Oshima said that he hopes Mongolia has the political environment to continue investment cooperation, maintained by pursuing these principles.

The Prime Minister expressed his satisfaction with Mongolia’s successful cooperation with Japan and an increased number of highlevel visits between the two countries. He noted that the Government of Mongolia is pursuing taking trade, investment, and economic cooperation to high levels, just as it has with political relations between the two countries.

J.Erdenebat stated that Mongolia and Japan’s free trade agreement and economic partnership agreement are significant to strengthening investment and economic relations. He added that boosting trade circulation and implementing the agreements are very important, and expressed an interest in expediting preparations to establish an agreement with Japan concerning double taxation.

The Prime Minister also participated in a Mongolia-Japan trade and investment forum and addressed the forum’s attendees.

The PM met with the Secretary-General of the Liberal Democratic Party of Japan, Toshihiro Nikai, and representatives from the Japan External Trade Organization.