The final round of Khurkhree National Football League Championship took place at the Mongolian Football Federation on October 9. Erchim FC has successfully defended its title at this year’s championship.

Khurkhree National League continued for six months and over 280 football players of 10 football clubs competed this year.

The final match was between Erchim FC and Khangarid FC of Erdenet Mining Corporation.

Erchim FC displayed excellent teamwork and dominated the match to claim the victory over Khangarid FC.

The total prize fund of the Khurkhree National Football League Championship was 100 million MNT, and Erchim FC received 40 million MNT in prize money.

Silver medal winner Khangard FC was awarded 30 million MNT, and the bronze medal and 20 million MNT went to Khoromkhon FC.

Erchim FC’s B.Ariunbold was named the best goalkeeper of the league.

Khoromkhon FC’s D.Turbat was named the best defender, and Erchim FC’s O.Bayarjargal was named the best midfielder.

O.Mijiddorj of Khoromkhon FC was named the best forward of Khurkhree League.

This year’s best players were awarded two million MNT each. Secretary-general of the Mongolian Football Federation U.Shijir and director of Arvain Undes LLC O.Orgil handed prizes to the winners and best players.


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