As reported by Xinhua News, the Chinese government signed an agreement with the Government of Mongolia to implement a project for the conservation of the Mazaalai bear.

The deal was signed by the Ministry of Environment, Green Development, and Tourism (MEGDT)and the Chinese Ministry of Commerce. Director of the Environmental and Natural Resource Management Department of the MEGDT D.Davaasamba and the Secretary of Trade and Economic Affairs of the Chinese Embassy Liu Jiefen signed the protocol.

Under the agreement, over the next three years, the Chinese government will provide scientific research assistance for studying the Gobi bear’s population and provide support for environmental assessment, improving the management of the Great Gobi conservation area, and providing conservation efforts with equipment and material supplies.

Nine experts from the Chinese Academy of Forestry spent eight days collecting habitat area information and studying Gobi bear conservation practices across the 18,000-square kilometer core habitat of the Gobi bear. Yang Qingdong, Minister Counsellor of the Chinese Embassy in Mongolia, highlighted the hard work of the Chinese researchers and credited their contributions to the success of the agreement.

The Mazaalai is listed as critically endangered in the Mongolian Red Book of endangered species. According to the latest data on the species, there are only 20 Mazaalai bears left in the Great Gobi conservation area and no bears are known to be living in captivity.