Prime Minister visits Khuvsgul Province

The Prime Minister visits Khuvsgul Province

Prime Minister J.Erdenebat met with residents of Khuvsgul Province on October 7, in Khuvsgul Province. It was J.Erdenebat’s seventh province visit since being appointed Prime Minister.

Minister of Labor and Social Protection N.Nomtoibayar, Minister of Energy P.Gankhuu, Minister of Education, Culture, and Science Yo.Otgonbayar also met with representatives of Khuvsgul Province to discuss local issues.

The Prime Minister told Khuvsgul Province residents that his government’s 2016 to 2020 action plan is designed to overcome economic difficulties and to move forward on mega projects across the country. He also spoke about the government implementing the Nasnii Khishig program for senior citizens, granting loans to students, and granting government scholarships to one student from a household with more than three children enrolled in higher education. He emphasized that the policy of the government must be clear, and that he has instructed his Cabinet ministers and Members of Parliament to support the opening of three to five new factories across the country.

Province residents reminded the Prime Minister that Lake Khuvsgul contains 0.4 percent of all the freshwater in the world, and that the lake should be protected by inclusion in international environmental projects and programs.

Representatives of Khuvsgul Province told the Prime Minster that the school in Chandmani-Undur soum has mold, and it is affecting the students and teachers. They also said that the province’s central hospital cannot provide medical services to all the residents of Khuvsgul Province.

The Prime Minister promised to resolve the issues raised by residents and to build a new school building.