Syria is one of the hottest places on earth, as well as the epicenter of the turmoil ripping through the Middle East. Five years and seven months has elapsed since the outbreak of the ongoing Syrian civil war. Millions of children have been left war-weary from the tortures of losing one’s parents, siblings and dearest friends. The Syrian conflict is taking place far from Mongolia and might seem difficult and frightening for Mongolians to personally involve oneself in the chaos, but Syrians need every aid they can get.

During this difficult time, executive director of Ard Financial Group Ch.Gankhuyag and his spouse G.Uyanga initiated the Giving Nation campaign to offer a helping hand to Syrian children suffering amongst the catastrophic conflict between the Syrian government, a loose alliance of Syrian Arab rebel groups, the Syrian Democratic Forces, Salafi jihadist groups, and the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant. 

Giving Nation campaign’s initiator G.Uyanga gave an interview about the campaign. Below is the translation of the interview.

Your family initiated the Giving Nation charity campaign to help Syria’s war-affected children. How is the campaign work progressing?

It hasn’t been long since we started working on this initiative. We have just formed a working group and started working on the first stage of the campaign. Many companies have expressed to join our cause and have shown support to the campaign.
Right now, we’re promoting and disseminating information about the campaign to the public through the media. Anyone can get access to the relevant information by visiting the Giving Nation Facebook page.

We plan to continue the campaign until the last week of October, and then, we will send donations to Syrian children.

Why did you start the Giving Nation charity campaign?

Undeniably, Syria has become the most painful and frightening part of the world for everyone. We live on the same planet. I believe that the Syrian conflict concerns us all – it shouldn’t be ignored. Things that are happening on earth matters to everyone living on it. The Syrian civil war is the largest war ongoing right now and the warzone is a terrible place where the rights of millions of men, women and children are being violated.

Mongolian children will grow up to become world citizens in the future. Therefore, it’s important for them to be aware of global events, be engaged in global matters, participate in making decisions and finding solutions for global issues, and develop themselves, as well as their understanding of global matters. Everything is occurring on the same planet that we share, not in some remote planet.

On the other hand, our ancestors used to stretch out a helping hand to other nations. For instance, Mongolians offered everything they had to assist and aid Russians during World War II. At the time, our nation wasn’t an affluent country. Mongolia wasn’t exactly in a situation that could aid another country. From what I heard and read, the living condition in Mongolia was much worse back then than it is now. During World War II, Mongolia had barely overcome its own share of war chaos.

The statue of a Mongolian horse in Moscow is a symbol of valor and a tribute to our ancestors who helped during World War II. Their bravery and contribution is engraved in the hearts of many Russians and reminisced about every now and then.

Mongolians aren’t people who constantly seek aid from others, receive from others, or chase after investment. In fact, Mongolians are people who give anything within their power and are well-aware that they are world citizens and part of this world. I’m sure that this nature of ours will be well portrayed through the Giving Nation charity campaign.

There are some who are critical of your campaign. They are questioning why they should help Syrian children when there’s countless vulnerable children living in Mongolia. Why did you choose to help Syrian children in particular?

The sufferings of the poor and the sufferings of war-weary children are clearly different. There are countless children that live in the most vulnerable parts of Mongolia while enduring extremely hard conditions. Mongolians feel compassion towards these children and help them in various forms. For over 10 years, I have also done numerous charity works, both big and small, for these children with my family, friends, colleagues and partner organizations. I will continue to do so in the future. No matter how hard the situation is, we’re able to receive assistance from nearby hospitals, police stations, nursing homes, or even a small help from our relatives.

I consider that circumstances in war are slightly different. Children in Syria have lost everything – their homes, parents, siblings, relatives – and are in a state where they have no clue about who to approach for help. People staying together with war-affected children are not in a situation to help them because they have to think of ways to survive themselves. Even if it’s not much, giving and helping them with something they need will contribute greatly to the lives of Syrian children.


…Mongolians aren’t people who constantly seek aid from others, receive from others, or chase after investment. In fact, Mongolians are people who give anything within their power and are well-aware that they are world citizens and part of this world…


We’re a very lucky people because we never had to feel the sufferings war brings. Some people envision war through the scenes shown in films. But when we explain the actual situation in detail, they start to get a grasp of the reality and many are starting to support our campaign. Mongolians are very generous and big-hearted. Even though we aren’t capable of sending large parcels of gifts like powerful and affluent countries, our sincerity will become the seed that will sprout and cause our goodwill to grow.

To where are you planning to send donations of the Giving Nation charity for Syrian children?

Our campaign met with organizations such as the Mongolian Red Cross Society and the Turkish Embassy and persuaded them to cooperate and support the Giving Nations campaign.

Syria’s Aleppo city is in the worst state right now, but it’s impossible to send anything there. At present, there are over three million refugees from Syria at shelters in Turkey. They are suffering just like the people in the warzone. We will send donations to shelters in Turkey through the Turkish Red Crescent Society.

The Turkish Airlines has agreed to deliver our donations. Photos and videos uploaded on social media and broadcasted through media outlets are nothing compared to the real situation in Syria. Experts from associated organizations report that Syrian children are facing unimaginable problems and are in a very difficult situation.

How can people join and give donations for Syrian children through the Giving Nation campaign?

Anyone can help by handing out anything they can offer. Whether it’s warm clothes, blankets, plush toys, notebooks, pencils, candles or matches, I hope that many people help Syrian children with charity gifts. It doesn’t matter if it’s small, big, old or new. All of your contributions will relay your sincerity and will be appreciated deeply.

Currently, we’re accepting charity gifts at the main building of Ard Financial Group. We plan to enable people to give their charity gifts at Ard Insurance branches. You can also reach us through our Giving Nation Facebook page or contact us via the telephone number 99057584.

Do other countries and charity organizations aid people in Syria?

There are quite a few organizations that send charity gifts and assistance to Syria. Our campaign has connected and exchanged information with some of these organizations. I also found out that besides organizations and companies, many individuals from all around the globe also help men, women and children living in Syria.

Thank you for agreeing to do an interview. Good luck to your charity campaign work!

Thank you very much. Please join our charity. Let’s all spread our goodwill and extend it even further!


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