Fire breaks out in a Bayangol District apartment building


Firefighters helped evacuate 98 people from an apartment building in the Bayangol District, where a fire broke out on October 8.

The Emergency Management Agency of Chingeltei District received an emergency call from the Bayangol District at 6:47 p.m., with a report that there was smoke coming from the basement of Building 43. When Chingeltei District firefighters arrived at the scene, it was discovered that insulation material was burning in the basement and the fire was contained and fully extinguished.

Smoke from the fire traveled from the first through the ninth floors, and firefighters evacuated the building’s residents to prevent carbon monoxide poisoning.

No serious injuries were reported in the fire. Sixty-nine people received medical attention, and 14 children received emergency care. All of the building’s residents who required hospitalization were released from care later that evening. The cause of the fire was not reported.