Mongolia hosted the Face of Beauty International 2016 pageant at Corporate Hotel and Convention Center on October 8.

Twenty-three year old Alena Raeva of Russia was crowned Face of Beauty International at the event.

Alena Raeva
Alena Raeva

Contestants from 60 countries took part in this year’s Face of Beauty International.

Alena Raeva was followed by Brandina Lubuli of Zambia, Princess Edelyn Romas of the Philippines, and E.Urangoo of Mongolia.

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President of the Face of Beauty International contest Mila Manuel, founder of Pawee Ventura, anchor of Mongol Tulgatny 100 Erkhem TV program P.Anujin, and Valeria Lukyanova, who is famous as the Human Barbie, worked as judges of the contest.

Alena Raeva is an accomplished journalist who currently works at a Russian television network.


  1. Objectifying women through beauty contests is a big debate. While one can make an argument both ways, I have a problem when it is judged by people who reduce the concept of beauty to artificially altered face and body (like Ms. Lukynova). What could Mongolian girls and women learn from it – you are beautiful if you look like Barbie, life is plastic and it’s fantastic?

    This maybe a low-vintage event of its kind but I am outraged at the silence around this and even more with the organizers!


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