Tuv Province wraps up harvesting


Tuv Province’s Agriculture Department is expected to complete harvesting on October 10, in connection with recent weather forecasts.

Expert of the Food and Agriculture Department J.Surenkhorloo reported, “Wet snow might hit Tuv Province from October 5 to 7. Therefore, harvesting operations needs to be sped up.”

Harvests are at 65 percent completion in Tuv Province. The province planted 61,000 tons of seeds and wheat in 49,414 hectares of land, 58,000 tons of grains in 46,784 hectares, and 2.6 tons of forage plants in 2,630 hectares of land.

Tuv Province supplies around 4,000 tons of fodder plants, 4,000 tons of vegetables, and 47,000 tons of potatoes, reported a representative of Tuv Province.

A total of 318 students, 709 soldiers and 116 students of vocational training centers are helping with harvesting in Tuv Province. “Everyone is doing their best to complete the work on time,” emphasized representatives of Tuv Province.