Darkhan Metallurgical Plant’s employees are not paid


The Federation of Energy, Geology and Mining Workers’ Trade Unions of Mongolia (MEGM) sent requirement to Darkhan Metallurgical Plant (DMP) Company to pay the salaries to their employees for the standby on October 5.

Director of MEGM Kh.Buyanjargal said that “QSC LLC got rights of DMP under concession agreement, and but the company cannot maintain their operation stable. Metallurgical Plant works only 15 days in a month. Because of that 6000 employees still did not get paid. After QSC took the rights of DMP, MEGM made cooperation agreement with the company. According to the agreement, when there is a standby, employees should earn 60 percent of their wages, and compensation for the grant. But the company did not fulfil the agreement. Court was made a decision on MEGM’s side. Therefore it requires them to follow the court decision”.

The Darkhan metallurgical plant owns the licence of the Selenge iron ore deposit. In frames of the implementation of a project on Mining and Metallurgy in the region of Darkhan and Selenge, QSC LLC which was selected as the investor have completed the railroad construction on a concession agreement with the government.

In addition, executives of the MEGM met with the Prime Minister on last September 30, and they explained these issues, and introduced about DMP’s privatization  request that it review the issue metallurgy privatization met with the Prime Minister on March 30 and posted on the issue. The Prime Minister is to make a working group to study the issue. In turn, the Prime Minister said that “he will appoint an action force to study the issue.”