The Mongolian Volleyball Association has organized its annual National Youth Volleyball Championship, also known as Goy Cup, at Buyant-Ukhaa Sports Palace. The final of the championship was held on October 3.

A total of 20 teams (12 male and eight female) from provinces and Ulaanbaatar competed for gold, silver and bronze medals.

In the women’s final, Selenge Province team defeated Khilchin Sports Committee and won gold medal. Selenge Province team was followed by Khilchin Sports Committee and Hasu Megastars.

In the men’s final, Hasu Megastars beat Erchim 3:0, and claimed a gold medal.

Bronze medal went to Altain Bars.


The best right-side hitter prize went to B.Tsolmon of Sukhbaatar Province and B.Ankhbayar of Altain Bars.

The best middle blocker prize went to B.Byambagarav of Khilchin Sports Committee and I.Batbayar of Zuunkharaa.

G.Gandolgor of Selenge Province and E.Turmandakh of Hasu Megastars won the best setter prize.

A.Osgontamir of Khilchin Sports Committee and J.Batjargal of Hasu Megastars were awarded the best middle hitter prize.

The best outside hitter prize went to D.Erdenebulgan of Selenge Province and A.Bazargur of Hasu Megastars.

Executive board members of the Mongolian Volleyball Association Ya.Sambuunyam, Ts.Ganzorig and B.Namnandorj, and State Honored Coach D.Khalzan attended the closing ceremony of the championship.


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