The State Academic Theater of Drama (SATOD) has named October “Historical Play Month” and is showcasing plays set from 209 BC to the 20th century throughout the month.

Seven different historical plays will be performed, each with a two-day run. The first play of the series, B.Tsognemekh’s “Tengeriin Khuu” (Son of the Sky), was performed on October 1 and 2. The next play on the calendar is S.Jargalsaikhan’s “Temuujin”, about the early life of Chinggis Khaan, which will be showcased at noon this weekend, followed by “Anu Khatan” by B.Shuudertsetseg in the evening. D.Namdag’s “Orolmaa Ekh” will be performed on October 13 and 14, and there will be a special one-day performance of “Kharts Khatan” by D.Tubat and G.Birvaa. The sixth historical play in the line-up is “Saran Khukhuu” (The Story of Moon Cuckoo) by D.Ravjaa and A.Shartolgoi, being performed on October 21 and 22. “Tamgagui Tur” (State with No Stamp) by B.Lkhagvasuren is the final play in the series, and will be performed on October 27 and 28.

Each play will be followed by a short Post Performance discussion session, where audiences can freely share their thoughts and give feedback about the play. Post Performance sessions will be held on the following dates:

• October 2 – “Tengeriin Khuu”

• October 8 – “Anu Khatan”

• October 14 – “Orolmaa Ekh”

• October 22 – “Saran Khukhuu”

• October 28 – “Tamgagui Tur”

As part of their Theater-Viewer Program, the SATOD is offering ticket packages to encourage the public to watch performances and invest in cultural enrichment. Regularly-priced tickets range from 10,000 MNT to 25,000 MNT, depending on their location, but ticket packages offer three plays for 45,000 MNT, or five plays for 60,000 MNT, regardless of seat location.

The SATOD is partnering with the Union of Mongolian Artists in releasing an exhibition with a historic theme, and is planning to organize a book fair with Az Khur and Internom bookstores. The “Theatrical Production – My World” essay contest has also been announced within the scope of Historical Play Month.


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