Mongolia vs. Russia drift battle of D. Vision Mongolia, the Mongolian Pro Sports Car Federation, and Drift Union of Mongolia took place at Auto Mall in Checkpoint No. 22 last Saturday.

Twenty-eight top racers of Mongolia and four racers from Russia challenged their skills at Mongolia vs. Russia.


The organizers said, “We organized this drift battle in order to exchange experiences between Mongolian and Russian racers. Drifting has been developing fast in Mongolia in recent years. Drifting has already developed in Russia. Russian athletes are taking part in international racings events such as D1 and Formula 1. We invited Russian racers because Russia is the closest country to Mongolia.”

Drifting champion of Irkutsk, Russia Max Grossman won first place at Mongolia vs. Russia drift battle. He was followed by Anton Dobrovsky of Irkutsk and Mongolian national drifting champion of 2016 P.Ganbold.


Many collisions occurred during the show and some seemed impossibly dangerous.

D. Vision Mongolia is a part of Russia’s D. Vision Continental League, which is being organized in 32 cities of Russia and two cities of Kazakhstan.

The first D. Vision Mongolia took place in 2015, and 30 racers from Mongolia and six racers of Russia took part in the event.

Professional Russian racer Aleksey Goroshko judged the drift battle. He previously judged the D. Vision Siberia in 2015.

There are over 20 drifting clubs in Mongolia and 13 of them are registered with the Mongolian Pro Sports Car Federation.



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