Mongolia hosted the sixth Asian University Men’s Basketball Championship, which was held last week at the Basketball Palace in Khandgait and Buyant-Ukhaa Sports Palace. The Mongolian national university team claimed victory at the event.

Taiwan and China won second and third places at the championship. This was the first time that the Mongolian team won a gold medal in team sports at the Asian University Championship. Basketball teams from South Korea, China, Macau, Mongolia, Kazakhstan, Taiwan, and Hong Kong competed in the championship.

The Mongolian national university team and officials held a press conference on September 28.

Secretary-general of the Mongolian National Basketball Association R.Tsevegmed said, “Mongolia successfully hosted its third Asian University Championship. Mongolia organized the Asian University Table Tennis Championship in 2008, Asian University Women’s Volleyball Championship in 2012, and the Asian University Men’s Basketball Championship in 2016. I want to thank everyone who supported this tournament and helped organize it. There were no controversies during the tournament. Four foreign referees and six Mongolian referees worked in the judges’ panel. International experts admitted that Mongolian referees’ skills are as good as other countries’ referees. I saw some language barriers between referees. Mongolian referees have a chance to work at international organizations and tournaments if they improve their language knowledge. I also believe that team sports can be developed broadly in Mongolia.”


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